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Fitness and Weight Loss Trainers


Meet your fitness trainers!

Each of our trainers has different experience, specialties or areas of interest, which gives you options when selecting the best trainer in Naperville to help you reach your goals. Selecting a fitness trainer is as important as deciding whether to do one-on-one or group training or selecting a weight loss program or some other class.

All trainers have certifications from the leading strength and conditioning academies and set the standard in the club industry with continuing education and professional development.

Carla Linder-Mayer

I believe that everyone's "reality" is different and my job as a trainer is to help each client reach their personal goals whether it is to run a marathon or get down on the floor to play with their kids or grandchildren. There is not "one size fits all" when it comes to nutrition or physical activity. Getting to know my clients helps me work with them to set each of their goals based on their individual lifestyle and desired levels of change.


National Association of Sports Medicine, 2009


Personal Training Style
Fitness is not something that comes naturally to me. About 6 years ago, I lost 125 pounds and realizing the positive effects that my lifestyle change made on me both physically and emotionally, I chose to make a mid-life career change that would allow me to work with individuals to help them realize their own "realities"! I love what I do!!

Favorite Pastime
I enjoy biking, hiking and spending time with friends and family......especially my new grandson!!!


Catharine Zelonis

Being mindful of each client's level of stress both mentally and physically comes into play with each training session. If I can be in tune with their body's strengths and weaknesses I can train them effectively.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 1993
Numerous continuing education classes including: Functional Training, Stability Ball, BOSU, Plyometrics


Personal Training Style
Evaluating each client prior to training is vital in order to determine how to train them effectively and efficiently. Each session should be a learning experience for the client and well as fun. The ultimate goal is to educate clients about their body and how it can operate at its best.

Favorite Communication Tool
I communicate best with my clients by listening to what their body and mind tells them about each session.


Favorite Pastimes
I am an avid gardener and love being outside. I enjoy long bike rides with my husband, long walks with good friends, watching movies, playing with our cat and watching the birds at our birdfeeder.

Note from Catharine:
I have been training at Reality Fitness since 2000. Formerly trained 11 years at Four Lakes Athletic Club where I got certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1993. Previous to 1993, I taught fitness classes since 1985. The privacy of the training rooms for me makes our training sessions all about our clients. My passion is to help our clients learn how to work their body to their ability and to reach their goals. I enjoy helping clients who have finished with their rehab from surgery (hips, knees, etc.) to seniors wanting to keep moving. I am currently working on my senior fitness specialist credentials through NASM. I love to ride bikes, play disk golf with my husband, gardening, going to the movies and eating.

Lauren Kahle

For me, exercise is a two for one deal: healthy body, healthy mind. Over the years I’ve realized not only the physical benefits of exercise, but also the mental and emotional benefits. I truly believe it improves the quality of life.

Bachelors in Business Administration
Personal Training Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine; TRX

Favorite Communication Tool
I like to present exercise as a way to have fun, because the more you enjoy it the more likely you are to continue it on a regular basis.  So…let’s have some fun! My favorite saying: Tighten your core!

Personal Training Style
I attempt to harmonize my training with your goals and lifestyle. Each client is unique and needs their own set of conditions to help meet their goals.  Progressions, modifications and options are invaluable tools for training. I will learn your limits, but challenge you to move safely past them. “It’s not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you’re not”.

Favorite Pastimes
Spending time with family and friends, tennis, golf, reading.

Marge Lyse


"Don't let your mind talk your body out of doing it"Fitness is 80% mind over body and we can think of every excuse not to follow our road to health. Believing in ourselves gives us the inner power to achieve the impossible. I know...I did it! I believe personal Training is just that....personal. Everyone has their own goals and can conquer their fears. There's nothing generic about your fitness routine. The goal of my training is to train "from the inside out" From nutrition, to imbalances to strengths. Fitness should be fun but should be viewed as a lifestyle not a passing phase. "If you don't take care of your body now, where will you live later?"



National Association of Sports Medicine, 2014

TRX, Kettle bell


Training Style

My training is simple. Correct Form and Fun. Everything can be turned into an exercise. I learned that when I started my weight loss journey 13 years ago. After losing 212 lbs I knew the only way to stay healthy was to stay active. My training can include anything from dumbbells, to kettle bells to exercise machines to park benches to bottles of water for weight. If you use it in your daily life I can incorporate it into your training session.


Favorite Pastime

I love to go bike riding and do 5ks. I'm not a runner but I love to try!!! I also love to run and play with my 3 year old grandson. Boy can he keep me moving!!

Mary Miriani

Inspiration plus motivation equals action. Action plus dedication equals success. Focus on doing the best you can each day even if it is simply walking around the block or eating 1 healthy item. Stay in each moment and flow with the process. Concentrating only on looks or losing weight is like running with a dangling carrot; you never catch it and get exhausted trying. Be patient with yourself and the process of creating healthy habits one at a time. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and keep flowing with the process. This is the secret to lasting weight loss and good health.


BA Exercise Science

ACSM Certification as Health/Fitness Instructor


​Contributor to IDEA Fitness Journal

Personal Training Style
I am easygoing, yet focused on my client's success. I bring my passion for fitness and my experience with successful lifestyle change to each person I work with. I try to make each session as fun and effective as possible. My goal with each client is to teach them to incorporate healthy habits into their lives so that eating well and moving everyday become a natural part of their lives thus creating a greater quality of life.


Favorite Communication Tool
My clients hear the question, "Are you feeling challenged?" quite often. I rely on feedback from my clients to do the best job I can for them. Also, positive reinforcement goes a long way to help people commit to a healthy lifestyle. I not only want my clients to accomplish a goal; I want them to relish in the joy of moving their bodies!

Favorite Pastimes
I love to exercise while listening to "positive energy music," doing anything from free dancing to formal exercise on a machine of choice to strength training; I like lots of variety! I love to read (sometimes 5 books at a time!) and write. I enjoy really getting into a good philosophical discussion and delight in spending time with friends and family.


Rachel Grundner

To live life to our full potential. And to do so, we need to be functioning optimally mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our bodies are our vehicle, our mind the driver, and our spirit the windshield we view the world through.



Bachelors of Applied Science

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga for 12-Step Recovery Certification


Favorite Communication Tool

Guiding students into their poses and modifications using words so that they can feel the subtle transitions within their own bodies. Even with adjustments, I aim to verbally communicate so not to pull students outside of themselves and become distracted. The goal is to allow individuals to fully release and let go so that they can move deeper within their own practice.


Teaching Style

I definitely like to include the mind-body-spirit component when teaching, as the whole is what creates the human experience. My classes include techniques to increase flexibility while getting a good workout… both mentally and physically!


Favorite Pastimes

Exploring new adventures with my family, continuing education, reading, anything that involves being outside and under the sun.

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