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Our Mission

We inspire healthy living and healthy bodies through passionate, creative motivation resulting in a lasting balance of mind, body and spirit.

Building on a Firm Foundation

Reality Fitness is entering an exciting new stage. The brainchild of Nicki Anderson, the award-winning Reality Fitness is being passed on to Carla Linder-Mayer. Carla is thrilled to be entrusted with Reality Fitness and the legacy Nicki has built. She will continue the concept of complete privacy and one-of-a-kind personal training. Reality Fitness is the only studio that offers complete private training rooms and employs an impressive line-up of personal trainers.

Reality Fitness trains a diverse group of clients, both male and female, 15-75 years young. The goal of the Reality Staff is to provide each client with the insight necessary to achieve his or her stated goals.

"Often times people are given the same exercises over and over again. You have to know your clients, understand their limitations while building upon their strengths. It's about educating every client on how their body responds and performs optimally. Training with various modalities will allow the client to realize success and avoid injury," says Anderson.

The combination of great education and motivation is what creates success for the clients at Reality Fitness. Give the studio a call, and come see what makes Reality Fitness Naperville's #1 Personal Training Studio.

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