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Naperville's Premiere Personal Training Studio

Reality Fitness studio in downtown Naperville has what you need for a complete workout! Our great staff of certified personal trainers and fitness instructors can help you design a custom workout program for your specific needs on a wide array of exercise equipment!

If you feel uncomfortable in the BIG health clubs, then you’ll love our boutique fitness studio that’s fully stocked for cardio, weight-loss, Zumba or building abs of steel!

Reality Fitness is located on Jefferson Street in downtown Naperville, right above Ted’s Montana Grill. Plenty of free parking within a block of the studio! Enjoy the many great shops, cafes and restaurants nearby after your workout.

Come work out with friends and then go out with friends!  Make it a special day!  Many of our members meet their accountability partners at regular times during the week.

Studio 1 – Cybex 1

Studio 1 is a great private room with new Cybex strength training and free weight equipment. It's also a nice bright room with plenty of sunshine. If you peek out just right you can check out the happenings on the patio at Potter's Place next door.

Studio 2 - Quiet Time

Another great, intimate studio with plenty of free weights, another great Cybex machine for a variety of weight workouts and a multi-function weight machine.

Studio 3 – The Heavy Metal Room

Inspired by some of our musician friends and clients, the Heavy Metal room is a little more intense, but just as practical than some of the other private studios.

There's a fantastic Smith Machine and the new G4 plus plenty of free weights for a huge variety of workouts.

Studio 4 – The Big Green Machine

This studio is the favorite of trainers and clients. Plenty of room to spread out, loads of equipment like free weights and multi-function machine and another Cybex machine too!


Why is it "The Big Green Machine?" Come check out the studio and find out.

Group Studio - The Big Room

This is the BIG group room. Plenty of utility and space for all those group classes.

And what about equipment? Well there's lots of everything in here to accommodate a variety of workouts.

The lighting is also a big feature for those "Relax and Renew" yoga classes. Nice and easy for setting the proper mood.

Cardio Room

Let's get warmed up with a good cardio workout. Come in a few minutes before your one-on-one training session and get warmed up for an optimal workout.

Or us this room to relax and cool down after your workout. We have a few clients who use this room as a nice quiet getaway for a few minutes of reading while they get in their cardio.

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