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In.Form Weight Loss Program

Burn Fat. Be Fit. For Life.


In.Form is a 12-week group weight loss program designed to educate you on how you can safely reach your weight management goals. More importantly, the education you receive incorporates lifestyle changes that will help you keep your weight managed after completion of the course. Why do a group class setting? Because 92% of people fail at weight loss when doing it individually.


Each week, we'll discuss a different topic from your Weight Management Manual. Topics include:

  1. Introduction

  2. Grocery Shopping

  3. Healthy Emotions

  4. Meal Planning

  5. Protein

  6. Curbing Cravings

  7. Exercise & Movement

  8. Daily Essentials

  9. Eating the Rainbow

  10. Cleansing

  11. Glandular Health

  12. Support & Resources


Launch Special $312 includes:
  • Weight Management Manual

  • Weekly Accountability Session

  • Twelve (12) 30 minute training sessions


Nature’s Sunshine Product recommendations will also be made to aid your weight management success!


What is the Accountability Session?

This includes your weekly weight check, measurements, meal replacement samples, and your individual Bio-Analysis composition. The Bio-Analysis is what sets this program above the rest. It is an assessment of tissue and fluid distribution in the human body. This info will assist us to make sure you are losing the right kind of weight safely.

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