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I have boxes filled with Beanie Babies in my storage area at home. The beanie babies are all neatly stored away, tags intact with tag protectors on them. I have hundreds of them and stood in line for hours waiting for the newest ones to come out. I also don’t know how many “Happy Meals” were purchased in order to be able to have the whole collection of McDonald’s beanie babies. All of this because “someday” they were going to be worth something.

My youngest daughter, Rachel was about 8 years old at the time and I would call her excitedly to tell her about the newest acquisition. She would patiently anticipate my arrival at home so that I could show her the latest and greatest. But, we had rules…..she couldn’t really “play” with any of them because they might get damaged. Tags could not be removed and they definitely could not leave the house. They sat neatly arranged on the shelves of her room to be looked at but not touched. The real joy I told myself would be in the future when they had value. That time never has come.

Looking back at those beanie babies, what a waste. I missed out on so much but more importantly, Rachel missed out. Rachel didn’t get to experience the real joy that the beanie babies were meant to give. How many stories might she have made up with those companions? How many hours of joy did she miss out on because “someday” they might have value? How much joy did I miss out on because I didn’t get to watch her play?

Are we guilty of that “someday” attitude with our lives? We put off doing things we want to do because today is not “someday”. Someday……I will lose weight. Someday….I will get healthy. Someday…I will have time to play with my children. Someday….I will enjoy my life.

What have you missed out on because you keep putting off what could be done today until ……..someday? There really is no better time to make your dreams a reality. Take control of your life by taking control of your health.

Make today your “Someday”!

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